• 1-1 life coaching. Whatever your challenge or block, our systems-held developmental work will help you to regain your mojo and be the example that others will want to follow. 


    Relationship coaching. With over 35 years of living and working together every day, and 25 years of relationship coaching, we’ve seen pretty much everything that can happen to a relationship. Lean on our experience to help guide you out of troubled waters.

  • Crisis management. We’ve got the tools to help you deal with crisis in a way that can lead to an  immediate reduction in panic.


    Facilitation. We can help facilitate values processes, lead communication workshops and mediate in difficult situations.

  • Hypnotherapy. Winnie is a fully qualified and experienced QHHT practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), having trained in regression hypnotherapy with Dolores Cannon. 

  • Health coaching. The mind can play a powerful role in healing. Whatever your condition, there may be ways you can help greatly reduce your suffering and move towards better health. We can help you ignite your inner healer.