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The Breaking of the Shell  –  “Simply one of the greatest novels about personal development and organisational development that I know.”  Erik de Haan, Director Ashridge Executive Coaching

So It’s Tough Out There, Is It? – ” “The deepest and most lasting change comes from within. SITOT,II? brilliantly touches the reader in a way that is unique. If you’re looking to deal with what might seem like overload or you are not working at your full potential, read the book. It will change your life.” Lawrence Bloom, Deputy Chairman Omni WorldView Ltd

The Truth about Illness, Unhappiness & Stress? – Originally written in 1996, this revised edition contains many more case studies and is a comprehensive introduction to the connections between the mind and the body in particular connection to health. Written to guide people into the world of self-healing.

The Male Agenda – “Brilliant! Every page offers such good insights, stories and questions. If you dream of a better life, then this book will help you live out your dreams.” Robert Holden (founder of The Happiness Project and best selling author of Happiness Now! and Shift Happens!) . 

“The Male Agenda made me think deeply about my life in ways that brought about both conceptual and practical changes. A rewarding read, thank you Barry”. Steve Biddulph (best selling author and family psychologist).

Stepping Stones – an 84 page  A4 workbook is a tried and tested easy to follow workbook that will help you to manage transition in your life. Laid out in diary form, there are 84 steps to take which will walk you easily through your own unique journey.
This book developed over the course of several years work with clients, during which time many common factors were identified as being common to most people’s process of change. Become your own life-coach from the comfort of your own home.

“I bought your book ‘Stepping Stones’ recently and have been reading it after slightly challenging days.It is amazing, stunning, fantastic, fabulous and simply truly very special. Thank you so much.”


Learn To Meditate in 20 Minutes CD – “Learn to Meditate in 20 Minutes? Not possible? Well this CD stands out as one of the best introductions to meditation we have ever come across. The spoken word is clear, the music not intrusive or overly repetitive. With three tracks, voice and music, voice only, music only for those who have mastered the technique which is in fact a very simple relaxation method. We gave this CD to a friend who had never attempted meditation before and although, like most of us, she found clearing the mind difficult, she found it easy to relax and would definitely use it on a regular basis.” (In Balance Magazine) 

‘A helpful cd – a simple user-friendly technique which takes you through a 20-minute meditation and includes versions with just the music, or just the words’ The Daily Telegraph.  

Flight of Freedom – Flight of Freedom is a nine track music cd written and produced specifically with the purpose of enabling the listener to find an easy route to relaxation. Using strong solo melodies, a settled tempo, minor keys to encourage stillness and peace and then major keys to help reach our inner joy and happiness, Flight of Freedom creates a bridge between our busy, fragmented outer world and the more restful, joyful inner world that is always within us.

 ” I can wholeheartedly recommend this inspirational piece of music as being suitable for both relaxation work and also body movement sessions. Any therapist or bodywork teacher will greatly enhance the effectiveness of their work with Flight of Freedom”  Lynne Robinson- Author, TV Presenter, Director Body Control Pilates Group

Sundown – 78 minutes of total chill music that you’re unlikely to have heard anywhere before. The music has been pooled from some of the best unsigned musical talent from around the World – and it’s all been created over the internet. Barry became inspired by the incredible independent talent that exists worldwide and which most people would not normally hear. As we heard more and more tracks that we loved to chill to, the idea began to grow to put together an album featuring some of these artists. And so the concept was born – unwind to the unsigned. Sundown is a ‘must-have’ for anyone who likes to relax to some cool beats and great solos and for anyone who wants to support the independent music movement.

Comments from listeners:

“great compositions to chill out to after a hard day at work”

“so cool – its a perfect accompaniment to a glass of vino and a lil sit down and think about life love and everything in between”

“totally chilled – really laid back and well put together”

“hey there. I am digging the vibe here. Very sultry and passionate. I love it! woo hoo!”

The Fog – debut album from Barry’s daughter Sophie Janes, now known as Venus