• “Rarely have I met a better listener than Barry, the single most important skill for a coach! Having been a coach myself for over 20 years, it can sometimes be hard to find a good ‘mirror’ myself. Barry has been that for me, on more than one occasion. With his great ability to tune in, his selfless attitude to life and his commitment to guide people to find their essence, Barry is a blessing to work with. He walks the talk!”

    Rolf Winters MBA, Boardroom consultant, film maker.


  • “I recommend Winnie to all my friends!  We first went to Winnie for marriage counselling- our marriage was seriously on the rocks and I was mainly looking for a peaceful way out, two years on my husband and I have never been happier and that is thanks to Winnie’s guidance. ”



     When I came to see Barry for the first time I was almost in despair regarding a very difficult relationship I was having with my 16-year-old daughter when I could not see any light at the end of the tunnel. From the beginning, Barry taught me how to start gently and respectfully communicating with my daughter in a way that she would listen to me. I also learned how to let go of trying to control everything, and of my attachment to certain outcomes that I had created in my mind. Basically, I was working on myself and this whole journey of learning to “let go” made me feel very free and peaceful.
    Barry had said in the beginning: “When you start this process miracles will start to happen”. I confess that I did not really believe it at the time, but gradually I observed how the relationship between my daughter and me became better and better in just a few months. We even recently travelled together for three weeks and had the most fulfilling and joyful time!
    I will always be grateful for Barry´s help and trust.

    Lila S

  •  There is sometimes hard emotional work to be done to face our stuff and unearth the pain that is hiding deep in our minds but I couldn’t want for a more understanding and gracious guide. I wish I had met Winnie a long time ago, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

    Jenifer Ryder



  • Barry responded to our request for support with our organisational development planning in a most helpful way. Barry is a very good listener who is inclusive and democratic in his approach and alert to what is unsaid as well as all that is clearly articulated. Barry was quick to understand the organisation, the people and our values and was able to bring a fresh perspective and independent facilitation, which enabled all Commonworkers to take part, whatever their role in the organisation. Barry worked with a transparent structure so that the process and participants felt held, but had the flexibility to respond sensitively and promptly and work with new information as it arose in the whole group sessions and small group planning meetings. Barry was efficient in recording, collating and feeding back materials to us from the process and was able both to step up and step back as we needed, always with kindness and grace. Not least, Barry worked effectively to budget and timetable – a valuable achievement given the complexity of the process and the modest financial resources available for it.

    Jacqueline Leach, Director, Commonwork.

  • “We found that at times of crisis it was almost impossible to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and found ourselves in a downward spiral of negativity. Winnie and Barry really helped put things into perspective – and all via telephone sessions.  The beauty of their work is that all the answers we needed we found within ourselves and they effortlessly managed to bring it out of us which we found a wonderfully empowering experience.  We would recommend Barry and Winnie’s coaching services to anyone who needs focus and clarity.”


  • “Winnie has guided me and shown me  how to communicate from a place of love instead of ego. She has helped me to understand that the aggression of another comes from their own pain and fear. She has shown me that through being loving with myself, only then can I be loving to others”.

  • “Barry played a key role in helping us to form a robust decision making process that was not dominated by any particular point of view. One of the key outcomes of this process was a shared value system, which created a common framework on which to base our decision making. Today the farm is in a stable financial position with a committed team of people who are working well together with the support of satisfied shareholders. Barry’s work with the management group has significantly contributed to this outcome.”

    John Twyford, Business Manager, Plaw Hatch Farm

  • “I have worked with Winnie for over 4 years now and I have learnt so much about relationships and how it is only ever really about you; about how your partner is your best teacher in life; about how to listen with validation and compassion whilst having your own boundaries; about the power struggles; about the universal desire to feel LOVED and to LOVE. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

  • “There simply are not enough stars to rate Barry’s help, support and inspired thinking highly enough! Working as a therapist, he has helped me to support more patients who also want to be themselves, beautiful inspired human beings. I used to see myself as a victim in many areas. With his coaching, I now find myself excited about life’s challenges and see them from a place of love and inspiration rather than fear and trepidation.”

    Marika Harding


  • “The communication model is a simple framework that gives the ability to detach from the emotional roller-coaster that so often accelerates us into chaotic and fearful reactions to problems”

    Dr Karambu Ringera, founder of International Peace Initiatives on Barry’s peace training in Kenya

  • “Barry has been a part of my family’s ’emotional tool kit’ for a good 10 years. We go to him when one of us gets stuck with a problem or deliberation and we can’t see a way forward. I have always found Barry’s approach works for me because it’s not based on the past, but the here and now. He gives you tools to use that enable you to go forward, and most importantly that help bring clarity.”



  • “What I received from Barry was of inestimable help. He has taught me ways of looking at problems that I didn’t know. I have found him a generous, sharing, understanding companion on a difficult journey and I have reached a much more satisfactory destination than I could have done without his help.”



  • “Sometimes it’s like being lost in the woods, lost at sea…lost. You see the person you love and something is stopping you from being able to find that space where love can thrive. It’s like your caught in a cycle of pleasure followed by pain, and often, it’s someone else’s fault! That’s where Barry and Win step in, acting like a lighthouse to guide you away from the rocks.”

    Laura and Jim.


  • Winnie is a great facilitator and her integrity, patience and calmness has made the whole experience feel very safe and rewarding.”

  • “Barry completely lives what he teaches; that is also what makes his coaching so strong. It’s not theory, it’s what he lives on a daily basis.”

    Dorothea Leber.


  • “Meeting and working with Barry has been a revelation for me. His approach and methods began to help me from the very first session, and the learning continues well into the future. He has helped me uncover the mystery of emotional intelligence that others seem to be magically blessed with, I am massively more connected to myself and my family, friends and colleagues. This is a set of life skills that we all deserve and I feel hugely grateful to have begun this journey.”

    Alistair L.


  • “Barry inspires confidence and positivity from the moment you first meet him. His intuitive approach is presented with warmth, grace and humour. Like all truly great teachers Barry communicates his wisdom seemingly without effort. He has been the catalyst to helping me live life closer to my truth.”